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Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds make up the collection of a Dutch seed bank set up in 1985. At that time, Amsterdam was the meeting point for the global community of breeders that went there with the aim of sharing knowledge, expertise as well as some genetics. It is then that Ben Dronkers decides to develop a series of hybrids from all the top-notch genetics gathered during his trips around the world. All the time spent working resulted in a high-quality product that was wholeheartedly welcomed by the public. However, it was when he founded the seed bank that his idea started to really take shape. Since then, the team of Sensi Seeds has continued thoroughly working pushed by the idea of creating a comprehensive catalogue of seeds that could meet all the users' demands.

Although Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds included in the catalogue are not only regular but also feminised and autoflowering, it is the collection of regular marijuana seeds the one the offers a wider variety of strains. All genetics in this collection are a clear "must-have" in the gardens of experienced breeders. Seeds such as Jack Herer have now become real cannabis icons widely appreciated by people at national and international level.

Sensi Seeds stands out for being a seed bank that has never stopped supporting all cannabis-related initiatives that have come to frame as well as for developing and investigating high-end hybrids. The award-winning Skunk #1 is one of the biggest icons in the catalogue because it was one of the first strains from the United States to be stabilized and to achieve awards and recognition all over the world. Among the many legendary strains, Early Girl and Early Pearl are also worth a special mention since they represented a turning point in the life of those interested in growing in regions with harsh climates. From that moment on, the market has kept on demanding this kind of seeds that manage to make the cultivation process far easier.

Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds are, without any doubt, a blend of hard work, good-quality raw material, experience and passion, each and every one of which is fundamental for the achievement of the best possible results. To that basis, we must add the great expertise and knowledge acquired after the many collaborations in which it has been involved.

Some noteworthy cannabis strains in Sensi Seeds' catalogue are: Jack HererSuper SkunkNorthern LightsSkunk #1Skunk #1Skunk#1 AutoSensi Skunk Automatic.