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Sensi Seeds feminized cannabis seeds belong to a collection that results from a thorough selection of the best and most-demanded regular genetics of the bank, which is the reason why their feminised versions have had such a big success. Thanks to these genetics, breeders can enjoy the exceptional traits of regular seeds without having to worry about the typical problems that may arise when cultivating regular marijuana strains or about the arduous task of identifying male and female plants. Throughout the entire process whereby these strains were created, the one and only thing in mind was the idea of protecting and improving the world-renowned regular genetics. The objective has been more than met, and all these feminised cannabis strains now make up a collection whose high-quality and rich properties all users have come to love. Among the many top-notch feminized seeds deriving from regular strains, the ones worth a special mention are: Big BudEarly Skunk, *1570301*, Shiva SkunkSkunk #1Skunk KushSuper Skunk.

Apart from creating seeds from already existing genetics, Sensi Seeds is also committed to developing new creations that are exclusively feminized. These are also refined marijuana genetics that have been chosen very carefully. At no point during the whole creative process have they forgotten their roots nor their aims, which has caused them to never stop trying to obtain better and better products.

Sensi Seeds feminized cannabis seeds are unique. They are basically heavy-yielding and balanced hybrids with such a wide variety of aromas, flavours and effects that all users are sure to find the one that suits them best, no matter how demanding their palate is.

During all these years, Sensi Seeds feminized cannabis seeds have received awards and recognition in every corner of the globe. Nowadays, most of them are regarded as a real "must-have" for the garden. However, it is necessary to clarify that this success is not a matter of luck but the result of the hard work carried out by the team of Sensi Seeds who, led by their passion for cannabis, have devoted their lives to this marvellous plant.

For those who are starting out, we recommend the following Sensi Seeds' best-selling seeds that are found in our online growshop: Skunk #1Super SkunkBig BudEarly Skunk and Northern Lights.