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The catalogue of Sensi Seeds regular cannabis seeds is one of the largest now available in the market. It is one of the few banks that has decided to devote most of its time to investigating and developing regular strains, a type of cannabis seed that has never stopped being the pet strain of many staunch supporters who do not succumb to the allure of feminised and autoflowering seeds. It is for them that Sensi Seeds has focused on regular genetics. In fact, one of its main aims is to create and improve regular hybrids until they meet the needs of all cannabis-lovers and enthusiastic breeders.

Given the vast number of positive reviews that underpin the extraordinary high-quality offered by this seed bank, Sensi Seeds regular cannabis seeds are nowadays regarded not only as a benchmark but also as a source of inspiration for many other seed banks. One of the main principles on which it lays its foundation is the extreme care with which Sensi Seeds has always treated its genetics as well as the thorough control to which every seed is subject before being launched into the market. All these factors added to the broad experience of the team have led to achievement of a high-end product that is an example of stability.

For many experienced breeders, Sensi Seeds regular cannabis seeds are the shinning stars of the catalogue, because of the wide range of possibilities they offer. However, they may not be suitable for cultivators who have barely started cultivating, because it takes a bit of work and experience to obtain the best possible results. One of the most delicate parts of the process is the arduous task of selecting male and female plants. It must be carried out with extreme care since an incorrect identification can result in irreparable damage to the crop. Less experienced cultivators ought to start with feminised or autoflowering genetics because, with them, obtaining a marvellous high-quality end product is a far easier task.

Although working with regular marijuana strains is harder and requires more time than with feminized and automatic seeds, the results obtained clearly make up for all the time and effort invested. With these regular genetics, Sensi Seeds wants to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the excellent traits of its legendary genetics. Some of the most famous strains available in our online Grow Shop are: Super SkunkJack HererHash PlantCalifornia IndicaBlack DominaMaple Leaf and Big Bud.