Grow Shop since 1999

Our story started in July 1999 in a 25m2 small shop on Aldamar Street (San Sebastian). Three friends in their early 30’s, from quite different disciplines (a lawyer, a biologist/botanist and an artistic creator), decided to start together their own business and share their common love for self-cultivation of cannabis with the people.

In the beginning, they didn’t think that this activity would be so successful. They just wanted people to learn how to grow their own cannabis plants step by step so they could be self-sufficient. They soon realised the potential that this activity could have because of the many recreational and medicinal virtues of cannabis plants. At that time, the pioneers of marijuana’s self-cultivation business were famous and successful around the country, because of the word spreading.

We may recall that at that time, people didn’t know how to get cannabis seeds. There was no place that sold or distributed them as you can find nowadays. People had to travel to Holland to get their seeds, and they treated the Dutch people as cannabis’ gods.

The boom of the cannabis sector in Spain appeared in the early 2000. At that time there were only Dutch seed banks and not much material for growing. The tradition of indoor growing was hardly non-existent and most people grew outdoors. At that time we were one of the few shops selling marijuana seeds. With little luck and hard work, everything has evolved for the pleasure of all.

In 2002, our team had to make logistics decision because of the great success we had. We moved to a bigger and better-equipped store to be able to offer a wider range of products to our customers (growing supplies, seeds, paraphernalia). The team has also grown over these years. Initially, we were a team of 4 people and now we are more than 50 people. But we must remember that we lost Tomás, a friend and one of the founders, who brought fundamental things to this project. We must thank his initiative and we will always have him in our memories.

In 2005, we had to enlarge our facilities due to the increase in sales on our website and the aim of professionally responding to both wholesale and individual customers. We moved part of our team to a big pavilion but also kept our little shop open, which has helped us become the company we are today: one of the leading online growshops in the business.

Our catalogue offers more than 4000 growing products, paraphernalia and more than 100 seed banks. We try to purchase the main products of the sector and constantly add new products to our catalogue in order to offer the best materials.

We are always ready to hear your suggestions in order to improve. Many thanks to all the people who follow us every day in this adventure and give us confidence because we know that without you, we would be nothing.