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Dinafem Seeds cannabis seeds form an exceptional collection of over 80 genetics that include feminised, autoflowering, CBD and Fast varieties.

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Right from its foundation in 2005, this seed bank took the lead in the research and development of feminised cannabis with the launch of strains that soon became benchmarks in the sector and still today continue reaping success. It didn't take them long to notice the market's demands were changing and so they quickly made the leap to the development of autoflowering genetics, creating outstanding varieties that were true to their roots and purpose.

From square one, they took a chance on selling 1-seed packs at Dinafem Seeds' online seed shop, a move that the public received with great enthusiasm. Today it's one of the most booming seedbanks on the market, with loads of important genetics under its belt; true cannabis icons that are an absolute must in any self-respecting marijuana grow. Some of them quickly started winning awards and recognition as well as setting standards of excellence all over the world, as is the case of White Widow, Moby Dick and Original Amnesia.

Dinafem Seeds online cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, quickly yielding excellent-quality results when treated adequately. Strict protocols were followed in the development of these cannabis seeds to ensure the best results are always obtained. Dinafem Seeds' commitment to quality allows them to address any possible issues in an effective manner, as long as the seeds have been cultivated under optimal growing conditions. Their customer service department is always ready to clear up any doubts or resolve any problems that may arise.

Dinafem Seeds cannabis seeds come in a safe and discreet packaging, with all their excellent traits intact. An effective unbreakable system that protects them and guarantees the best possible results.

Dinafem Seeds 2020 catalogue

Dinafem Seeds cannabis seeds always in stock in our online store!

Dinafem Seeds' vast catalogue of genetics includes prestigious cannabis varieties such as Amnesia Kush, Blue Widow, Critical Jack, Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering, Big Kush, or Purple Afghan Kush. The cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds for sale in our trusted online growshop are exactly the ones available in Dinafem Seeds' official online store.