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One of the main advantages of growing autoflowering weed seeds is their ability to flower automatically regardless of the photoperiod to which they are exposed.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Since they're not affected by light/dark cycles, the flowering occurs naturally some 3-4 weeks after germination. While indoor plants yield excellent results if given around 18-20 hours of light, we recommend providing your outdoor plants with long hours of daylight to get the best of them. Thanks to their forgiving nature, though, great results are easily obtained almost under any circumstances. Plus their short life cycle from seed to harvest means that you can fit more harvests into one season if growing in regions with long summers.

Autoflowering weed seeds

The advantages offered by marijuana autoflower seeds run deeper than their short growth cycle and ability to flower automatically. These seeds have enormous potential. Plants rarely grow much and tend to be rather homogeneous, which is a huge benefit for those lacking space or wanting to grow discreetly either on their terrace, balcony or garden. Besides, they aren't usually affected by photo-pollution caused by street lamps or cars in the cities, which is also a great plus. Another clear advantage, especially for growers with little or no experience, is that the fast evolution of these seeds makes them less likely to be hit by inclement weather or pests.

Feminised autoflowering seeds with an excellent price/quality ratio

Growers having a minimum knowledge on the specific care requirements of every strain is key to obtaining excellent results. It's true, though, that the Ruderalis genetics in self flowering seeds leads to plants that don't struggle in extreme conditions and flourish even in the hands of rookies. Their hardiness allows them to thrive even in the coldest climates.

Another point in favour of feminised autoflower cannabis seeds is that salt buildups are rather rare and so are the issues that interfere with their metabolism processes. While it's true that automatic weed seeds weren't particularly heavy-yielding back in their early days, all auto flowering feminised cannabis seeds today available in our online store can produce bountiful crops with high THC levels and varying percentages of other very interesting cannabinoids if in favourable conditions (space, ventilation, temperature, light, water, and fertilisation). If you're looking for quality automatic seeds, this is the right place for you. Heavy-yielding plants requiring low investments of time and money.

Automatic feminised cannabis seeds

Over the years, automatic feminised seeds have earned the support of growers and now many of them prefer to grow seeds that yield great results in no time and without much trouble. Our e-commerce LaMota has a broad spectrum of affordable autoflowering seeds in permanent stock 24/7. Of all the extraordinary seed banks available here, some of the most important and reputable ones are: