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Feminised cannabis seeds were first marketed back in the late '90s, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to the cannabis users who were unable to get a regular seed going.

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Knowing the sex of the plant beforehand had long been a top request from users as this would make things easier for them, bringing down the typical issues cannabis growers of regular seeds usually encounter: the need for a large space, the overpurchasing of seeds in an effort to calculate the probability of getting female plants, waiting times of 4-6 weeks to find and remove male plants... For all these reasons, as well as for the lack of time and experience many growers face, this kind of seeds have turned into the top choice of experts and rookies alike, not only of those who wish to set up their personal grow but of commercial growers too.

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The key to their success lies in the ability to guarantee female genetics in seeds with a nearly 100% success rate, which is a big plus in the cultivation of marijuana for, this way, we can know for sure how many plants we'll be able to grow right from the start, saving time, space, and money. In short, heavy-yielding feminised seeds with an outstanding price-quality ratio. No wonder increasingly more people have decided to give them a go and set up their personal cannabis grow both to enjoy the growing process from seed to harvest and, of course, to have their own supply of weed.

Feminised weed seeds are a safe bet for growers of all kinds, especially for those with little or no experience who wish to learn all the ins and outs of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. Just like regular seeds, they have very different features, contingent upon their origins. Indica/Sativa genetics that, despite varying widely, all have the ability to produce top-quality buds with varying THC and cannabinoid levels responsible for shaping the effect of a particular strain. Depending on the blend and percentage of said compounds, the effects and so the feelings provided by each variety vary wildly: relaxing, stimulating, therapeutic or a mix. But that's not all. The range of tastes and aromas is also so vast that everyone will find their perfect match. Affordable feminised seeds within everyone's reach!

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If you're wondering where to buy feminised seeds, this is the place to go, as pretty much every seed bank in our catalogue offers high-end feminised cannabis seeds, some of the most popular ones being Critical + 2.0, Skunk #1, Moby Dick, Orange Bud, Original Amnesia, White Widow, Chocolate Zkittlez or LSD. All feminised versions that efficiently keep the original traits intact. The collection of feminised marijuana seeds for sale in our online store, LaMota, is under constant renovation and it includes prestigious seed banks, such as:

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