Grow Shop since 1999

Portable and table top vaporisers to cater for all tastes, as well as a wide range of accessories and original spare parts. A healthier way to enjoy cannabis that delivers only the purest flavours and aromas with none of the drawbacks of combustion. Perfect for therapeutic use.

A great selection of rolling papers of various brands, sizes, and thicknesses.

A wide choice of cotton, glass and activated carbon filters.

A variety of cardboard tips and reusable wooden and glass filters.

A wide range of manual, electric and pollinator grinders that come in different sizes, materials, and colours.

Aluminum and glass pipes that guarantee a unique, highly enjoyable smoking experience. The purest tastes at your fingertips.

Lighters of various brands, sizes, and shapes.

Cones in different sizes (small, medium, king size) made from classic and organic paper, supplied with cardboard tips. Ready-to-use pre-rolled cones to enjoy cannabis whenever and wherever you are.

Modern and premium-quality rolling machines to roll perfect cigarettes and joints easily, quickly, and without any loss.

Smoking kits with everything you need for a great smoke (rolling papers, filter tips, grinder, lighter…)

Delicious vaping liquid flavours to enjoy in vape pens or vaporisers (no combustion). It is a psychoactivity-free terpene-based natural product featuring the very same taste as the original strains. Without any cannabis-derived cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN...) or nicotine.