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Grow tents of all sizes specially designed for growing indoors. Made from top-quality materials, they’re meant to make the work of cannabis growers easier and the life of cannabis plants hassle-free.

Lighting systems to create the perfect environment for your indoor plants to grow strong and healthy as if they were in a natural outdoor setting. Light bulbs, LEC, LED, fluorescent lights, ballasts, reflectors and all kinds of accessories to set up any equipment and adapt it to your grow space.

Full kits of various sizes to meet all needs. They feature every necessary element to start an indoor garden. Perfect for novice growers as well as for those who wish to purchase their grow kit in just a click.

Everything you need to set up any climate control system indoors: exhaust fans, ducts, humidifiers, silencers, oscillation fans, CO2 enrichment… The best brands and the most innovative products to create the perfect conditions for your indoor plants.

Powerful and quiet gear to disturb no one and to keep discretion at a maximum: silencers, acoustic boxes and ducting…

A wide range of surprising and effective products to remove odours and keep a low profile: activated carbon filters, air-fresheners, odour neutralisers, odour-absorbing bags to carry your flowers everywhere without being spotted…