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Top brands in Cannabis Seeds

These are the top-selling banks of cannabis seeds. If you don't find the one you are looking for, click here for the omplete list with over 100 seedbanks now in stock.

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Our online growshop, LaMota, puts at everyone's disposal weed seeds from a wide variety of seed banks with excellent expertise in the cannabis field. An exclusive selection of the very best brands specialised in the production of regular, feminised, autoflowering, CBD, or Fast genetics.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds online?

All you have to do to get seeds with an outstanding price-quality ratio is select your favourite strain in our online store. Easy peasy!

Each and every one of the cannabis seeds for sale here has undergone very strict quality-control tests to make sure they are ready to release their full potential. Our collection features weed seeds of every kind; seeds cannabis growers and connoisseurs will love experimenting with; cannabis seeds for outdoors and cannabis seeds for indoors to grow plants with a wide range of exotic scents, flavours, and effects. And the price of cannabis seeds couldn't be better!

As soon as we receive your order, it'll be processed and you'll be sent an email with the tracking information when it leaves our premises. No matter where you live, whether it's in the UK, the U.S., the Netherlands or Canada, you'll get your order in no time. Buying cannabis seeds online has never been as quick, as safe and as easy!

Weed seeds for sale

To make browsing our website and selecting strains easier, we've grouped them under five main categories. You'll see how easy and fast it can be to make your purchase!

  • Feminised seeds
    With them, the development of female plants is guaranteed almost 100%, which makes the growing process far more hassle-free and so accessible to all kinds of cultivators. But not just that. It also saves time and space as well as the need to invest so heavily. Feminised strains are always a hit, something you'll notice both growing and tasting them. The seed banks with feminised genetics in their catalogue have spent years trying to make sure every single trait of the original strains was also found in them. In a nutshell: excellent tastes, aromas, and effects within everyone's reach.
  • Autoflowering seeds
    Autoflowering cannabis seeds, also known as automatic seeds, flower automatically all on their own, regardless of the light schedule, after a vegetative phase of some 3-4 weeks. This fast evolution from seed to harvest speeds the whole growing process up, thus decreasing the plants' chance of succumbing to illnesses or pests. They're rather small too, great for people with space constraints. For all these reasons, they're a solid pick for all kinds of growers, especially for those lacking time and space or for anyone willing to get quality plants in a flash.
  • Regular seeds
    Regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female plants. It is impossible to tell until the flowering kicks off. The removal of male plants at that point is necessary to stop them from pollinating female plants. Regular genetics are full of character, boasting some strong organoleptic properties and hard-hitting effects. Their endurance, stability, homogeneity and overall traits make them the best choice for breeding mother plants.
  • CBD seeds
    CBD-rich cannabis seeds offer a wide variety of therapeutic benefits that could help fight insomnia, muscle pain, anorexia... Besides that, CBD diminishes the effects of THC, making them way more suitable for anyone willing to enjoy marijuana without worries.
  • Fast seeds
    The main advantage of Fast cannabis seeds lies in their fast flowering properties that allow them to flower 1-2 weeks earlier despite their being photoperiod plants. An extremely advantageous choice for people living in regions where plants are more likely to suffer damage caused by pests or harsh weather conditions.

Online catalogue to buy marijuana seeds

Growers always aim to obtain superior results without having to rack their brains. That's why, with quality seeds and the most adequate environment, success is guaranteed. Once the germination is completed, it's essential to make sure plants are exposed to the best conditions, whether it's indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.
Buying cannabis seeds from our online store is the right choice. Here you'll find marijuana seeds to suit all tastes from a wide variety of international seed banks, including the most popular and reputable ones, such as:

FAQs about Cannabis Seeds

Buy cannabis seeds online from anywhere in the world. No matter where you live, or what zip code you have. All you have to do is place an order and let us handle the rest.

Buy cannabis seeds online from the most highly acclaimed seed banks (Dinafem Seeds, Barney's Farm…) and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. We cover the whole of the UK, so no matter where you live. You're never too far.