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Other FAQs

Can cannabis consumers give blood?

Cannabis consumers can indeed donate blood. There’s no problem with it, as long as you’re not under the influence of cannabis while doing so. In fact, 24 hours must have passed from the last time you consumed. This general rule, which also applies to alcohol and other substances, is just to make sure the donor is fully aware and consents to the donation.

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What are the differences between hemp and cannabis?

Hemp and cannabis are two different species of the very same family: Cannabis Sativa. They are different in that they’re used differently. These differences have grown wider over hundreds of years of selection and domestication, as while hemp has been traditionally grown and shaped with a view to obtaining raw materials (seeds, oil, fibres, cellulose…), in the case of marijuana the focus has been...

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How can I avert a bad cannabis trip?

Anyone can have a bad trip on cannabis, no matter how used to THC they are. Ingesting cannabis instead of smoking it, using strains with very high THC levels and almost no CBD, consuming marijuana contaminated with traces of fertilisers or other substances, or simply being somewhere that makes us feel uncomfortable are some of the factors that could trigger a bad trip. If you happen to experience any...

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