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Regular cannabis seeds result from natural pollination. They produce either male or female plants, but it's necessary to wait until the flowering starts to determine the sex. When that moment comes, if there's any male plant, it'll be necessary to immediately remove it to stop it from pollinating female plants and ruin your harvest.

Regular seeds produce plants that yield high-quality marijuana buds. However, as they are considerably harder to grow, they are mostly chosen by experienced breeders willing to breed mother plants and make cuttings for the cultivation of homogeneous plants. Compared to feminised genetics, regular seeds are considerably less likely to thrive, and so growing them is way more difficult and risky. That is why they tend to be cheaper than other seeds. If what you need is a seed to breed mother plants, though, regular seeds are definitely the right choice. All you have to do is select the best specimens to cross and make cuttings from.

In our online grow shop, you'll find regular cannabis seeds from every corner of the world. Seeds resulting from the meticulous work carried out by the different seed banks in it, some of the most highly regarded and most requested ones available on our e-commerce LaMota being White Russian by Serious Seeds, Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds, Euforia by Dutch Passion, Skunk #1 by Sensi Seeds, Mazar by Dutch Passion, Skunk #1 by Dutch Passion, Black Domina by Sensi Seeds, Afghan Kush by White Label Seeds, Ace Mix by Ace Mix, Orange Bud by Dutch Passion, Skunk #1 by Sensi Seeds, Chemdawg by Humboldt Seeds, Critical Mass by Mr Nice, Shiva Shanti by Sensi Seeds, Super Skunk by White Label.

Our online store puts at everyone's disposal a broad spectrum of regular cannabis seeds to suit every palate: Sativa, Indica, for indoors, outdoors or greenhouse, with varying THC levels, with very special tastes, surprising aromas, extraordinary effects, relaxing, stimulating, a mix of the two... What's common to them all, though, is the fact that they've been subject to very strict quality control procedures by their corresponding seed banks.

On the whole, regular cannabis seeds are strong and vigorous genetics that successfully cope with inclement weather and other setbacks, making them adequate for almost any situation. The yield and quality offered by these plants is simply outstanding, as one would expect in a seed that results from a totally natural process. Accessible to any grower, it's important, though, to make sure the selection of female plants and removal of male plants is successfully carried out for this could mean the end to the crop.

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