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Ripper Seeds cannabis seeds compose the catalogue of a seed bank founded in 2011 with ample experience in the cannabis field. It is renowned for the high-quality of its 100% feminised genetics.

Ripper Seeds has devoted many years of hard work to the selection and conservation of elite marijuana seeds. As a result, it now puts forth a wide variety of strains to cater for all tastes: Skunk, Haze, Afghani or Kush.

Ripper Seeds cannabis seeds are suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, and allow breeders of all levels to obtain top-notch crops with very little effort. The last marijuana strain to become part of the catalogue was Sour Ripper, Diesel-lovers' favourite.

Some of the most famous cannabis seeds in Ripper Seeds' catalogue are: Ripper Haze, Grapegum, Criminal +, Double Glock, Old School, Toxic, Washing Machine and Zombie Kush.