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Dinafem Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds joined their catalogue in 2009, after a testing period that proved their enormous potential.

Dinafem Seeds autoflowering marijuana seeds

The marketing of auto cannabis varieties meant a turning point in the lives of those who lived in regions with extreme climates and only a few hours of daylight where growing traditional seeds outdoors was simply not possible.

One of the first autoflowering Dinafem Seeds weed seeds for sale was Roadrunner Autoflowering. The success was such that, from that moment on, they haven't but created new outstanding autoflowering genetics. Their collection of automatic seeds is now made up of more than 24 strains. Years of research and development have enabled them to breed genetics making sure that not even one trait was missed, and this has been key to their success.

Catalogue of Autoflowering Dinafem Seeds for sale

It's thanks to the extraordinary traits of Dinafem Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds that many growers that couldn't grow cannabis plants outdoors due to the harshness of the environment have finally been able to do it. Nothing but good things can happen when the extraordinary varieties of this seed bank have the amazing qualities of Ruderalis genetics added to them: automatic flowering regardless of light cycles, space optimization, short flowering time (3-4 weeks from germination), and remarkable endurance.

The collection of Dinafem Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale results from years of hard work with strains that guarantee superior results, such as Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering, Amnesia XXL Autoflowering, Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering, White Widow XXL Autoflowering, but to name just a few. You can buy Dinafem Seeds autoflowering seeds in our online store as they're always in stock.

Buy Dinafem Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds

Despite the unquestionable status of Dinafem Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds, the seed bank has kept working on the improvement of their genetics and on the innumerable possibilities they offer. The results of such thorough work are evidenced by an increasing demand for automatic varieties. A brand-new market reality that Dinafem Seeds has decided to embrace by releasing new autoflowering strains. The last varieties to join their catalogue have been Gorilla Autoflowering and Cookies Autoflowering.

If you want to buy Dinafem Seeds autoflowering seeds, you're in the right place!