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Sensi Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds are included in the catalogue of this Dutch seed bank with more than 30 years' experience. It is a marvellous choice if we want to obtain a high-quality end product without having to wait for a long time or to worry in excess about typical cannabis growing problems. The ideal spot for cultivating this kind of cannabis strain is the one with extreme weather conditions and very few hours of light. All breeders, regardless of their experience or time available, are sure to fall in love with this excellent type of seed that is not only resistant but also incredibly fast to flower. All these advantages make the cultivation process far easier because plants are rarely affected by the problems that normally cause marijuana plants to suffer (plagues, diseases, mould, low temperatures...).

The fact that Sensi Seeds' catalogue of autoflowering seeds is exclusively composed of feminised seeds is an additional asset, because each and every one of them is sure to evolve into female plants. As a result, growing space is optimized and a high-quality end product is guaranteed. Two of the most emblematic strains found in this collection are Skunk#1 Auto and Super Skunk Auto; two incredibly potent and heavy-yielding genetics that have a huge potential as well as some really appealing tastes and fragrances.

Sensi Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds offer a wide variety of effects, flavours and aromas that will make you experience really special feelings. In addition, they are capable of producing abundant crops that virtually equal those of regular and feminized strains, provided the weather conditions are optimal. Regardless of the cultivation method chosen, it is highly important to pre-plan the process and to pay attention to the plants' health. However, Sensi Seeds automatic seeds have the advantage that they thrive even when being exposed to irregular photoperiods.

Sensi Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds possess the sturdy traits of the Ruderalis genetics that make it possible for plants to autoflower, grow fast and adapt to harsh weather conditions all throughout the year, as well as the so-coveted traits of Sensi Seeds' legendary genetics. This splendid combination has resulted in a high-quality collection of auto strains that are all available in our website. Among the most famous genetics, we have: Northern Lights AutomaticSensi Skunk AutomaticSkunk#1 AutoSuper Skunk Auto.