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Mota CBD Rich cannabis strain

Growing Mota CBD Rich is easy as pie. All you need is a quality substrate, a good fertiliser and plenty of light for her to take off strong and healthy. She is resilient toward mold and pests, and flowering wraps up in just 60 days, meaning she can be harvested by mid-September indoors when the weather is still nice in most parts of the world. She's got a solid structure consisting of a large main cola surrounded by many thick and uniform buds all over the branches. Plus, she's pretty, with a beautiful colouring that gradually changes from dark green to almost black when exposed to low temperatures during the flowering. Her buds are covered by a thick layer of tiny CBD crystals that are smaller than THC glands.

Mota CBD Rich tastes of cannabis, with clear earthy and zesty undernotes. The thick and white smoke will fill your palate but you won't feel stoned. This way, you'll be able to enjoy cannabis without going through a psychoactive high. One could call it 'light cannabis'. Therapeutically speaking, she's great for fighting insomnia or any of the other pathologies CBD has proved to effectively alleviate. Suitable for making CBD-rich ointments and oils with.