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SFV Kush cannabis strain

SFV Kush is seldom affected by pests and diseases but needs to be provided with lots of space. Despite her 80% Indica dominance, she grows exactly like a Sativa. Besides an adequate fertiliser, she requires heavy feeding. Don't skimp on the nutrients. She's particularly suited to grow using SOG, SCROG or super-cropping techniques.

During the flowering stage, many small but heavy buds will sit on her numerous side branches making it necessary to use stakes. It's true that she's not the most productive strain or the one with the biggest buds, but there's no doubt that her quality is simply unbeatable, as much as her taste and aroma, which are also the top of the line.

Her scent is strong and fresh, peculiar, Kushy, and earthy, all at once. Some claim that tasting SFV Kush is like drinking some lemonade at a gas station.