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Mota CBD Rich Autoflowering cannabis strain

Mota CBD Rich Autoflowering is one of the easiest-to-cultivate almost CBD pure strains. One of the main goals was that even rookies could grow her blithely. That's why she's quick and productive. Give her a good-quality substrate in a large enough pot (15-30 L), a bit of organic fertilising and lots of light, and enjoy her large, thick and CBD crystal-packed buds. Her being rather small makes her perfect for growing on balconies or terraces. If properly pampered, in no more than 65-70 days from germination, we'll obtain bumper crops of psychoactivity-free, rich and quality buds.

Mota CBD Rich Autoflowering showcases sweet and fruity mouth-watering tastes. Efforts were made to ensure the distinctive 'CBD touch' expert smokers identify at once wasn't present in this strain. This CBD-rich autoflowering strain with almost no THC allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma of cannabis without getting stoned. For treating insomnia or other ailments, vaping is the best choice. Suitable for making CBD-rich ointments and oils with.