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This general conditions shall be construed in accordance with the current legislation in Spain in the matter that will apply in all that is not provided herein. (Law 34/2002 of July 11 of the information services and electronic commerce).

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  3. General Disclaimer: check the laws in your country concerning seeds, paraphernalia or products related to the cultivation of Cannabis.

The importation, possession and trafficking of hemp seeds is exempt from regulation under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna in 1961, which expressly excludes cannabis seeds from the list of internationally controlled narcotic substances.

The regulations and laws concerning hemp seeds differ greatly depending on the country. For this reason, we urge users to obtain as much information as possible about the regulations to which they are subject.

In many countries, such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Chile and Colombia, trade in hemp seeds does not require a permit.

As customers we ask that you accept the following conditions: sells hemp seeds and other items that are absolutely legal in Spain, but always under the condition that clients do not use them for non-legal purposes. does not want to induce anyone to act against the law. We expressly point out that anyone who buys seeds in is responsible for his own actions in the future. We accept no responsibility with regard to this point. has never authorized nor authorizes others to distribute seeds in countries where trade in seeds of hemp/cannabis is illegal, so we reject any responsibility.