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How do I have to dry and cure my marijuana buds?

The secret of a successful drying of cannabis buds is in the selection of a good place to store them during the 15-30 days the process lasts. Buds have to be kept in a dark but well-ventilated place with a temperature not exceeding 27ºC and low humidity levels, to avoid the development of mould and fungi. We recommend cutting off the branches and hanging them upside down, exactly as if it were your laundry, and keeping a watchful eye on the buds so as to make sure fungi don't grow in them. If you can easily break the stem with your fingers, this is normally an indicator that the process is over. Then, it'll be time to cut off the buds with scissors and to start the curing process.

Proper curing, which generally takes some 4-8 weeks, enhances the flavour and aroma of the buds. We recommend storing the buds in airtight glass jars. Don't overstuff the jar because the buds need some air to breath. Place the jar in a cool and dark place, and open it once a day to check for mould growth.